Best Wishes to the Kajihara’s

We received a wonderful hand painted drawing and letter of thanks from Gongelo Kajihara, a Japanese artist from Osaka, Japan, who spends most of each year in Italy.

Not too long ago I performed an elopement for Gongelo, a Japanese artist living in Italy. He was so happy that he mailed me (real mail!!) a picture that he painted of me from his memory of the elopement ceremony, and wrote me a thank you Testimonial. I can understand “Grazie!”= “Thank you!”

I asked my auntie who lives in Rome to translate the letter. It reads: “”Father Daniel, Thank you very much! You have been very kind. Thank you! Because you gave me The 10 Rules For A Happy Marriage. I will live my life happily according to those 10 Rules and to reciprocate & show my gratitude, I am sending to you a painting I drew myself. Gongelo


Please find below The Ten Rules For A Happy Marriage.

Thank you Gongelo! We wish you a most wonderful and happy life together!