Spring Flower Blossoms Blooming

Greetings to visitors to Japan during the glorious spring season. The end of March welcomes the beginning of the Cherry=Sakura tree blooming season. This time of year is usually very popular for Japanese people to gather with their friends and family and co-workers to enjoy the spring weather sitting under Sakura trees eating and drinking and general merry making.

However, as you might guess, spring also welcomes an abundant array of beautiful blooming flowers including snow willows, daffodils, magnolias, camellia, and various wild flowers growing in fields and along rivers. These and other flowers continue blooming throughout spring into summer and finally giving way to autumn and winter flowers.

So actually it is possible to enjoy “Hanami” not only in spring but throughout the year in Japan! For couples planning a destination wedding or destination elopement in Japan please be assured that you can enjoy a wide variety of beautifully blooming flowers all year round. Contact Wedding Pro Japan for information on destination wedding planning, elopements, Legal Weddings, Japanese traditional musical entertainment, Geisha and Maiko, location photography, and Kimono rental in Japan.

It would be our great honor and joy to assist you with any or all of your wedding ceremony and party needs.












Concerning the Corona Virus Crisis

During this time of great uncertainty and hardship throughout the world caused by the Corona Virus Crisis, Wedding Pro Japan Corp. offers our sincere condolences and best wishes to all those affected.

We are praying for a quick end to the crisis and a swift return to normalcy.

Very sincerely yours.
Wedding Pro Japan Corp.

Creating an Original Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations on your decision to have your elopement or destination wedding in Japan. At Wedding Pro Japan we are committed to creating an original, order made wedding ceremony designed according to our customer’s wishes.

The first step towards creating an original wedding ceremony is for the couple to understand the basic ceremony order.

For your reference, here is a basic non-religious wedding ceremony program order:
1. The Celebrant greets guests. Announces the start of the wedding ceremony.
2. Groom’s entrance announcement. The groom enters.
3. Bride’s entrance announcement. Guests stand. The bride enters.
4. The couple arrives to stand before the Celebrant. Guests sit.
5. The Celebrant greets and congratulates the couple.
6. Affirmation of intent.
7. Short non-religious prayer for the couple’s successful and prosperous married life.
8. Letter reading from the Groom to the Bride, then the Bride to the Groom.
9. Wedding vows.
10. Ring exchange.
11. Pronouncement.
12. Wedding Kiss.
13. The Celebrant reads a short message to the couple.
14. Introduction of the newlywed couple to the guests.
15. Group photo.

The order of ceremony outlined above can be changed or revised according to the couple’s wishes.

Once the couple decides to have a wedding ceremony, Wedding Pro Japan will send the couple a list of 15 questions concerning the couple and their relationship, so that we can know the couple better.

Next, the Celebrant will schedule a video meeting with the couple using Skype, Facetime, Messenger, or WhatsApp to meet the couple face to face and discuss the various details of the wedding ceremony.

Using the data from the answered questionnaire and the video meeting, the Celebrant will create a rough draft of a wedding ceremony, and send it to the couple to check and make any necessary revisions.

The Celebrant will then make a final draft of the wedding ceremony and send it to the couple for a final check. As the wedding day nears, up to the wedding day, the couple may make any revisions to the ceremony as they like.

Wedding Pro Japan is very flexible to ensure that the wedding ceremony is created exactly according to the wishes of the couple.

Contact Wedding Pro Japan to help you create an original wedding ceremony designed specifically for you and your needs.