The Beautiful Four Seasons of Kyoto

From long ago for Japanese people Kyoto has an image of having cold winters and hot summers. In fact local people often greet each other by saying, “It is so cold, isn’t it?”, or “Oh it is so hot today, isn’t it?”

However behind the “hot” and “cold” image that Japanese people may have of Kyoto, Kyoto people have a great love and pride for the four distinct seasons that Kyoto enjoys year round because of the wonderful beauty that the different seasons bring.

The scenery of Kyoto, the mountains and forests, parks, temples and shrines all look beautifully different in each season.

Now in January as winter sets in, while the remaining colors of autumn slowly disappear around the city, in the surrounding mountains we can see snow capped summits that hint at the impending cold weather and snow sure to come.

In spring on the same mountains we can see blooming cherry blossoms, weeks after the cherry blossoms around town have fallen. In summer the mountains show a variety of beautiful verdant green, while in autumn the mountains explode into a kaleidoscope of colors.

In Kyoto every season brings vibrant beauty which can be found not only in the surrounding mountains but wherever you venture and explore around in the city.

So whatever time of year that you choose to visit Kyoto, rest assured that the city’s lovely and never ending yearlong beauty eagerly awaits to shine on your sightseeing experience.


1.  Photograph of Mt.Hiei taken in the winter of 2020.


2.  Photograph of Mt.Hiei taken in the summer of 2019 from Takaragaike Park, with the International Conference Center in foreground.


3.  Photograph of Mt.Hiei taken in the autumn of 2019 from Takaragaike Park, with the International Conference Center in foreground.


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