Vow Renewal

A Vow Renewal is a wonderful way to celebrate a special wedding anniversary and show your spouse your great love and appreciation for them. Wedding Pro Japan recently produced a 25th wedding anniversary Vow Renewal Ceremony for a lovely couple and their family from the Philippines, at a Shinto Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Being big fans of Japanese culture the couple and their family decided to wear kimonos, have a Shinto-style ceremony called “Ginkonshiki” (which means 25th wedding anniversary ceremony) and have their photos taken in the Shrine garden and a nearby beautiful Buddhist Temple garden. At the end of the ceremony we added a Family Blessing Ceremony where their children held hands to make a circle around the couple, and at the decided moment they all held each other in a great big hug. The couple and family member’s smiles and tears of happiness were so heartwarming and wonderful.

When visiting Japan how about considering having a Vow Renewal Ceremony in lovely Kyoto? Contact Wedding Pro Japan Corporation for any or all of your Japan Destination Wedding or Vow Renewal needs. We can also arrange traditional Japanese wedding kimonos and location photography plans to suit your schedule.